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There a wide range of facets affect quality and value in diamonds. When the inexperienced is looking with a diamond already set, it's very challenging, or even impossible, to view differences that will dramatically affect cost. For this reason, we recommended buying any important diamond un-mounted, and mounting it only in fact the facts are already verified. But, it's not necessary to be a "gemologist" or fear buying jewelry. If you have a few simple measures , everyone can buy with certainty .

Four key guidelines to preventing scams or misrepresentation:

The initial step is to buy from someone accessible and skilled.

Suppliers needs to have the skill to understand for sure the things they themselves are dealing . This isn't to say we now have not bargains can be found in flea markets, estate sales, and so forth , and you run a and the higher chances when purchasing such places on account of possible misinformation, intentional you aren't . You must weight danger versus the possible reward. In addition, in order to making a final purchasing decision, consider whether or not you'll be able to find the vendor again if what we bought ends up being other than represented. This is also true when traveling and looking at a jewelry investment in another country.

Second, ask the Diamond Doctor Lawsuit proper questions.

Don't be scared to ask direct, even blunt questions. The key to finding complete information about everything you are buying is asking good questions so that you can be sure you are alert to important factors affecting quality and value.

Third, get the important points in writing.

Be sure owner is willing to set the answers to your questions you may ask , and then any representations made concerning the gem or jewelry you are thinking about , on paper . If not, we recommend against purchasing because of this seller unless we have an unconditional return policy that permits merchandise to returned in a reasonable time period for a money back refund ( not only a store credit).

Finally, guarantee the important points with a gemologist appraiser.

It's particularly important to verify whatever continues to be put in making with a professional gemologist appraiser. Some unscrupulous dealers are willing to get anything on paper to make the sale, understanding that written assurances or claims regarding the stone will often be sufficient in order to meet buyers' doubts. So this last step could be the most important to ensure you generate a smart outcome.

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